A.O. Smith Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

Meet the most efficient and advanced Hybrid Electric
Heat Pump Water Heater on the market. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want to replace their older, inefficient water heater without the hassle.

Over twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater.

  • Absorbs environmental heat and transfers it to heat the water, at the same time cooling and dehumidifying the ambient air

  • 80-gallon tank means more energy created through the heat pump technology can be stored, resulting in larger savings

  • Can operate in high-efficiency, hybrid and electric modes

  • User-friendly LCD display for easy interaction

  • Conserve energy thanks to 2.3 EF (Energy Factor) rating

  • Eligible for tax credit up to $1,500

  • PPL Rebate eligible for $300 through
    May, 2011

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

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