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From whole-house water conditioning to point-of-use water conditioning systems, P.U.L.S.E. Plumbing has the technology and expertise to solve any problem water challenge. Our unique Water Right RCZ (resin, carbon, zeolite) systems can provide the quality water you want without the unwanted minerals, hardness, odors, tastes or acidity. You’ll finally have a water conditioning solution that’s best for your household and for your specific water problem. Our RCZ residential system secret is Zeolite! Zeolite is exclusive to ONLY P.U.L.S.E. Plumbing water conditioning systems.

Benefits of Soft Water

1. Having soft water saves you money. When your water is soft, you use much less soap and fewer cleaning products. Your budget will automatically reflect your savings. Plus, your skin is softer when you bathe with soft water. You will leave your bath or shower feeling refreshed with your skin feeling truly clean. Also, rough, dry skin will naturally diminish.

2. Your plumbing will last longer. Hard water can cause a build up of scale from mineral deposits. Over time, pipes can clog, water flow can diminish, and water pressure can be reduced. This doesn't happen with soft water. Soft water is low in mineral content and therefore doesn't leave deposits in the pipes.

3. Your hot water heater will last longer. Scale and lime build-up created by minerals will not take place if your water is soft. This adds life to your hot water heater. Also, if you don't have deposits in your hot water heater, it will cost approximately 20% less to heat the water that your family does use*. At the end of a year, these savings can really add up. (www.phccweb.org)

4. Diminished razor burn: Soft water causes the razor to glide more easily across the face. This, in turn, causes your razor blades to last longer.

5. Most water-using appliances will last longer. Whether it's your coffee pot, your humidifier, or your hot tub, soft water inhibits a build-up of minerals and adds life to these products


Press Release & Water Hardness Information

The Water Quality Association has released a press release about household energy savers, such as water conditioners. Also, read the detail report about how removal of water harness can benefit you and your home. Just click on each icon to read more.

Download PDF's

Water Quality Association Press Release - 2010 - Water Quality Association Press Release

- Removal of Water Hardness Benefits



RCZ Water Conditioning System - City Water Unit

RCZ Water Conditioning System - Well Water Unit



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Dr. Oz explains how to make your water safe.

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